Satiated Sehkmet - Black Cat Magic enamel pin


Image of Satiated Sehkmet - Black Cat Magic enamel pin

Rebecca Murphy x StupidKrap soft enamel pin with shiny gold finish, limited edition of 100.

Inspired by the story of Sehkmet, the lion-headed Egyptian goddess of war. In this story, Ra sends Sekhmet to kill a bunch of mortals who either conspired against him or refused his laws. But Sekhmet’s blood-lust was too fierce, and was not quelled at the end of battle. She starting killing everybody, almost destroying all of humanity. So Ra filled the nile with beer, dyed with red ochre or pomegranite juice so that it resembled blood. Sekhmet saw the river of 'blood' and drank it all down, which made her so drunk that she gave up the slaughter and returned peacefully to Ra. 😸🍷💀

tldr? sexy drunk cat goddess surrounded by skulls and wine